Sweet design!

On a recent dreary, rainy day, I decided what the kids and I needed was an adventure — and mid-afternoon munchie —  so we headed over to check out the latest addition to our little downtown area: Treat Cupcake Bar. The basic idea is that for $4.50 you can either pick a beautiful pre-made cupcake […]

Feelin’ smug about my mug

I don’t know how it happened, but I have developed a serious Starbucks habit. It’s not like I’m a hard-core coffee drinker. In fact, I think the reason I am so loyal to Starbucks is that I can order a ridiculous “grande non-fat no-whip two-pump mocha” and still sort of feel like I’m drinking something […]

A Gloomy, Gorey Day

Joy of joys, today I found myself sans kiddies at one of my favorite stores, Papersource. I was not even slacking off: I am in charge of the invites for the cocktail party/fund-raiser at Charlie’s preschool, and needed to pick up more cards. I swear. Unlike my last trip, when I was running around frantically […]


This is a cute computer-animated show we have discovered on PBS that runs at the end of another favorite, “Peep and the Big Wide World.” There is so much ugly, annoying stuff on TV for kids that it’s a pleasure to find something that is fun for all of us to watch together. And that’s […]

Sparkles for everyone! (Part 1)

As the mother of a little girl, I am not a fan of head-to-toe pink or princess-themed anything… but I do LOVE glitter! Miss Kate has a cute pair of silver sparkly shoes from Target ($10, what a bargain!). Unfortunately, they wear like a $10 pair of shoes; they fall off so much that I […]

Best. Toy. Ever.

It seems fitting that my first post to this highly experimental (yet sadly unoriginal… more on that later) blog would be for an item I love as both a mom and a designer. Behold the Quadrilla marble run. Expensive? YES. But worth every penny. This toy is beautiful to look at and SO much fun, […]