Wallpaper for Wimps


Do you ever have an idea for a project, totally obsess about it, but when you finally do it the results are sort of… meh? That’s usually how it goes for me. But I just finished a project that turned out SO amazingly better than I hoped (“Epic!” in the words of my sister), that […]

Picture this

I know it’s kind of retro, but I like to actually order prints of my photographs and put them in albums. I’ve kept one since 6th grade, and dragged ever-increasing numbers of albums with me to college, to New York City, and now here to my suburban home. They’re like little time capsules; I have […]

What to hang in the loo?

It’s been almost a year since we renovated our house and moved back in, and the whole time the walls in our first-floor powder room have been bare. I’ve been stumped as to what to put in this odd, windowless little room. You really can’t take your bathroom, or the art in it, too seriously, […]