Valentines, Bruel style


If there is a spectrum of Valentines, with store-bought Star Wars/Dora cards at one end and perfect Pinterest-worthy works of art at the other, I’d say our family’s fall right in the middle. I do give the kids the option of buying them every year, but they really enjoy making them (yay!). And the timing […]

Do not try this at home

I love doing craft projects with Charlie and Kate. My friends sometimes think I am a bit insane, but for me doing a messy, involved project is way more fun than playing dress-up or pretend. I must admit that sometimes I bite off a bit more than I can chew, though. Charlie has been asking […]


This is a cute computer-animated show we have discovered on PBS that runs at the end of another favorite, “Peep and the Big Wide World.” There is so much ugly, annoying stuff on TV for kids that it’s a pleasure to find something that is fun for all of us to watch together. And that’s […]

Mixed media sculpture (a.k.a. Shrinky Dink mobile)

Charlie has been studying space and planets at school, so I thought it would be fun to make a mobile with all of the planets orbiting the sun, and use our new Shrinky Dink kit. After doing some online research, I had also found that you can use #6 recyclable plastic to make your own […]

A toy with looks AND brains

Remember in elementary school when you learned about electricity by connecting a little light bulb to a battery with some wires? Well, there have been a few technological advances since then… Charlie is obsessed with his Snap Circuit 300 set. Instead of wires it has these little conductive bars that snap into place, and in […]

Sparkles for everyone! (Part 2)

Clearly there is a genetic predisposition towards love of sparkly things in our family. And just because Charlie is sporting a Y chromosome doesn’t mean he is immune. The day I brought home Kate’s first pair of sparkle shoes I encountered Charlie in the hall trying to jam them onto his feet. When I explained […]

Sparkles for everyone! (Part 1)

As the mother of a little girl, I am not a fan of head-to-toe pink or princess-themed anything… but I do LOVE glitter! Miss Kate has a cute pair of silver sparkly shoes from Target ($10, what a bargain!). Unfortunately, they wear like a $10 pair of shoes; they fall off so much that I […]

Time for a craft

With the days getting longer and the sun rising earlier, Charlie had been waking up a little after 6:00 each morning, asking if it was time to wake up yet. Something needed to be done about this, so I devised a little craft project: a home-made clock.  Off we went to A.C. Moore (one of […]