Blinded by Love

We FINALLY got a new car. Between our 2000 Volvo (handed down from my grandmother) and 2004 Subaru Forester, there was a LOT of squeaking, banging, and rattling going on around here. It was getting a bit embarrassing to pull out of the driveway. I am not a fan of large cars, but for carpooling […]

Whose stupid idea was this?

Today I found myself with a few minutes to kill in the thriving metropolis of Wellesley, Massachusetts, and decided to pop into the Gap to check out the sale items. I found a stack of khaki pants that had been marked down, but the first pair I picked up had bunch of white gunk on […]

Sometimes looks aren’t everything (sigh…)

Last fall I was visiting my friends Jenni and Owen and was completely inspired when, after our kids trashed their dining room decorating cupcakes, Jenni whipped out her little Dyson hand-held vacuum and sucked up the mess from the floor, chairs, AND table. Genius! I decided right then and there that the only thing standing […]

I can’t do ugly

Whenever Charlie and I go to Whole Foods, he zeroes in on the adorable Wallaby brand yogurts and asks me to buy some. I am always happy to do so since he is not a big yogurt fan (and they are just so cute and snazzy-looking!). Then we get home, he takes one spoonful and […]