Valentines, Bruel style


If there is a spectrum of Valentines, with store-bought Star Wars/Dora cards at one end and perfect Pinterest-worthy works of art at the other, I’d say our family’s fall right in the middle. I do give the kids the option of buying them every year, but they really enjoy making them (yay!). And the timing […]

Let’s hear it for the little guys!

My undying love of A.C. Moore is no secret — how can you not love an enormous craft store that ALWAYS has a 40% coupon? But it is not always so convenient to trek out to the land of strip malls  every time you have a crafting emergency (yes, some of us DO have those!). […]

My, er — vintage — craft supplies

Those of us who are crafty tend to have basements and closets filled with bins and boxes of our accumulated supplies: stamps, glitter glue, beads, colored pencils, paints… you name it. My stash, which includes forays into beading, stamping, polymer clay, decoupage, and also all of my college art supplies, has really come in handy […]

Do not try this at home

I love doing craft projects with Charlie and Kate. My friends sometimes think I am a bit insane, but for me doing a messy, involved project is way more fun than playing dress-up or pretend. I must admit that sometimes I bite off a bit more than I can chew, though. Charlie has been asking […]

Whole Foods: My happy place

One of my absolute favorite things to do these days is stroll the aisles of the new super-fancy Whole Foods in Dedham — early in the morning, dark chocolate mocha in hand, daydreaming about all of the fabulous things I might cook with their beautiful and expensive products. I am NOT a foodie at all […]

Mixed media sculpture (a.k.a. Shrinky Dink mobile)

Charlie has been studying space and planets at school, so I thought it would be fun to make a mobile with all of the planets orbiting the sun, and use our new Shrinky Dink kit. After doing some online research, I had also found that you can use #6 recyclable plastic to make your own […]

Sparkles for everyone! (Part 2)

Clearly there is a genetic predisposition towards love of sparkly things in our family. And just because Charlie is sporting a Y chromosome doesn’t mean he is immune. The day I brought home Kate’s first pair of sparkle shoes I encountered Charlie in the hall trying to jam them onto his feet. When I explained […]

What to hang in the loo?

It’s been almost a year since we renovated our house and moved back in, and the whole time the walls in our first-floor powder room have been bare. I’ve been stumped as to what to put in this odd, windowless little room. You really can’t take your bathroom, or the art in it, too seriously, […]