Wallpaper for Wimps


Do you ever have an idea for a project, totally obsess about it, but when you finally do it the results are sort of… meh? That’s usually how it goes for me. But I just finished a project that turned out SO amazingly better than I hoped (“Epic!” in the words of my sister), that […]

Picture this

I know it’s kind of retro, but I like to actually order prints of my photographs and put them in albums. I’ve kept one since 6th grade, and dragged ever-increasing numbers of albums with me to college, to New York City, and now here to my suburban home. They’re like little time capsules; I have […]

There’s a bin for that

Anyone who has seen my car, my desk, my house, my purse… well, anyone who knows me might be surprised to learn that I am actually a very organized person. They may look like scattered piles of junk to you, but I know the cable bill is half-way down the stack of papers on my […]