Blinded by Love

We FINALLY got a new car. Between our 2000 Volvo (handed down from my grandmother) and 2004 Subaru Forester, there was a LOT of squeaking, banging, and rattling going on around here. It was getting a bit embarrassing to pull out of the driveway.

I am not a fan of large cars, but for carpooling and play dates my beloved Suby is just too small. I decided I needed a vehicle where I could strap in three kids in car seats without sweating and cursing for 10 minutes… or even — dare I dream? — four kids.

It turns out, there is exactly ONE car out there that will seat more than five people (even small ones) without being the size of a small truck: The Mazda 5.

My first reaction when I saw it was “Good lord, that is ugly!” But now I am so enamored of all the features on this little guy that I have actually started to think it is attractive. It seats six, gets over 20 miles per gallon, and has built-in Bluetooth. Yes, I am still grabbing a metal bar and scooching around to adjust my seat (always with Van Halen’s “Panama” running through my head), and I also have to turn my head and actually LOOK out the rear window when I back up. But compared to the old Suby it feels downright luxurious.

I do believe that form should follow function, and this baby is all about function. But isn’t it cute, too? Please tell me, because I honestly have no idea.

3 Responses to “Blinded by Love”

  1. All hail the microvan. FWIW if this thing came with all wheel drive, then I'd own one.

  2. Love it! And the fact that you've posted…keep them coming. I miss your blog!

  3. I think this car looks super sexy on you.

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