Sweet design!

On a recent dreary, rainy day, I decided what the kids and I needed was an adventure — and mid-afternoon munchie —  so we headed over to check out the latest addition to our little downtown area: Treat Cupcake Bar.

The basic idea is that for $4.50 you can either pick a beautiful pre-made cupcake OR design your own, picking cupcake, frosting, and toppings that range from you run-of-the-mill (sprinkles) to the somewhat gross (gummy worms). Basically, a gooey, sticky sugar-bomb.

Downtown Needham, though home to some great little shops, is fairly design-deficient — we’ve got a lot of Zaph Chancery signage going on here! — so I was completely entranced when I walked through the door and found this little corner of design heaven.

Everything from the logo (a stylized bird’s-eye view of a cupcake) to the color scheme (a bizarre combo of yellow, pink and maroon which somehow works) to the decor (a wall covered in shiny muffin tins) was just perfect. The cupcake was served in a little square box (pink or purple, to match the tables and striped floor). All of the employees wore T shirts that say “I like my cupcake with:” and had a blank area to write in their favorite topping. Every detail was cuter than the last. What a treat for me!

…and the homemade butter cream frosting wasn’t too bad, either!

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