Whose stupid idea was this?

Today I found myself with a few minutes to kill in the thriving metropolis of Wellesley, Massachusetts, and decided to pop into the Gap to check out the sale items. I found a stack of khaki pants that had been marked down, but the first pair I picked up had bunch of white gunk on the seat of the pants. I scraped a bit with my finger, but it was definitely firmly affixed. I checked the next pair — spots, too. And the next, and next, and next — all splattered with… white paint!

At first I thought maybe some disaster had struck this particular Gap and they were stuck with a bunch of damaged merchandise, but the spots appeared in basically the same place on each pair, which seemed suspicious. Deciding to investigate further,  I checked out the Gap website when I got home. Lo and behold:

I am the first to admit that I am no style expert. Even at my most fashionable, while working in New York City at Hearst Magazines in the late ’90s, my boss had to tactfully suggest that I brush my hair and apply a touch of lipstick before going into meetings with big execs. In fact, the shoes I am wearing right now were purchased when I worked there — about 10 years ago — and anything more recent was most likely bought at Target. But even I know that it is a dumb-ass idea to take a perfectly good pair of paints, splatter them with white paint, and try to sell them for 50 bucks.

… or even $17.99. Good luck with that.

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