My, er — vintage — craft supplies

Those of us who are crafty tend to have basements and closets filled with bins and boxes of our accumulated supplies: stamps, glitter glue, beads, colored pencils, paints… you name it. My stash, which includes forays into beading, stamping, polymer clay, decoupage, and also all of my college art supplies, has really come in handy […]

A Gloomy, Gorey Day

Joy of joys, today I found myself sans kiddies at one of my favorite stores, Papersource. I was not even slacking off: I am in charge of the invites for the cocktail party/fund-raiser at Charlie’s preschool, and needed to pick up more cards. I swear. Unlike my last trip, when I was running around frantically […]

Do not try this at home

I love doing craft projects with Charlie and Kate. My friends sometimes think I am a bit insane, but for me doing a messy, involved project is way more fun than playing dress-up or pretend. I must admit that sometimes I bite off a bit more than I can chew, though. Charlie has been asking […]


This is a cute computer-animated show we have discovered on PBS that runs at the end of another favorite, “Peep and the Big Wide World.” There is so much ugly, annoying stuff on TV for kids that it’s a pleasure to find something that is fun for all of us to watch together. And that’s […]

Whole Foods: My happy place

One of my absolute favorite things to do these days is stroll the aisles of the new super-fancy Whole Foods in Dedham — early in the morning, dark chocolate mocha in hand, daydreaming about all of the fabulous things I might cook with their beautiful and expensive products. I am NOT a foodie at all […]

Sometimes looks aren’t everything (sigh…)

Last fall I was visiting my friends Jenni and Owen and was completely inspired when, after our kids trashed their dining room decorating cupcakes, Jenni whipped out her little Dyson hand-held vacuum and sucked up the mess from the floor, chairs, AND table. Genius! I decided right then and there that the only thing standing […]

Picture this

I know it’s kind of retro, but I like to actually order prints of my photographs and put them in albums. I’ve kept one since 6th grade, and dragged ever-increasing numbers of albums with me to college, to New York City, and now here to my suburban home. They’re like little time capsules; I have […]