Mixed media sculpture (a.k.a. Shrinky Dink mobile)

Charlie has been studying space and planets at school, so I thought it would be fun to make a mobile with all of the planets orbiting the sun, and use our new Shrinky Dink kit. After doing some online research, I had also found that you can use #6 recyclable plastic to make your own […]

A toy with looks AND brains

Remember in elementary school when you learned about electricity by connecting a little light bulb to a battery with some wires? Well, there have been a few technological advances since then… Charlie is obsessed with his Snap Circuit 300 set. Instead of wires it has these little conductive bars that snap into place, and in […]

Sparkles for everyone! (Part 2)

Clearly there is a genetic predisposition towards love of sparkly things in our family. And just because Charlie is sporting a Y chromosome doesn’t mean he is immune. The day I brought home Kate’s first pair of sparkle shoes I encountered Charlie in the hall trying to jam them onto his feet. When I explained […]

Sparkles for everyone! (Part 1)

As the mother of a little girl, I am not a fan of head-to-toe pink or princess-themed anything… but I do LOVE glitter! Miss Kate has a cute pair of silver sparkly shoes from Target ($10, what a bargain!). Unfortunately, they wear like a $10 pair of shoes; they fall off so much that I […]

What to hang in the loo?

It’s been almost a year since we renovated our house and moved back in, and the whole time the walls in our first-floor powder room have been bare. I’ve been stumped as to what to put in this odd, windowless little room. You really can’t take your bathroom, or the art in it, too seriously, […]

Time for a craft

With the days getting longer and the sun rising earlier, Charlie had been waking up a little after 6:00 each morning, asking if it was time to wake up yet. Something needed to be done about this, so I devised a little craft project: a home-made clock.  Off we went to A.C. Moore (one of […]

There’s a bin for that

Anyone who has seen my car, my desk, my house, my purse… well, anyone who knows me might be surprised to learn that I am actually a very organized person. They may look like scattered piles of junk to you, but I know the cable bill is half-way down the stack of papers on my […]

Skinny “jeans” for my little fashion plate

These are knit leggings printed to look like denim — the ultimate skinny jeans. Miss Kate has been rocking these in a 3T and getting many compliments. They are made by Ragdoll & Rockets and I found them at a great little store called Pollywogs right in Needham Center, but they are also available at […]